Kate’s Voice issued its first grants in January 2007. Since then, we are proud to report that Kate’s Voice grants are in high demand and have reached many classrooms across Massachusetts – from Fall River to Charlestown to Westminister.

It’s our goal to provide music therapy to as many special needs students in as many classes as possible. At the present time, we are limiting grants to schools in eastern Massachusetts. We envision a day, though, when we can offer grants to students in different regions and states.

What is a Kate’s Voice Grant?

A Kate’s Voice grant provides a music therapy program for a class/group of students with specials needs. This grouping of students can be part of a mainstream public school, a special education collaborative, a private special education school or any other facility that provides learning to special needs children or young adults.

Working within the grant budget, the teachers and hired music therapist develop the music therapy program. Typically the music therapist will provide a session every week or every other week for the entire school year.

Apply for a grant

For the 2018-2019 school year, Kate’s Voice is offering between 5-8 music therapy grants. Each grant provides funds for a music therapist to work in the classroom weekly or every other week. The therapist and teachers will put together a music therapy program for the students.

Deadline for grant submission is November 30, 2018. We will notify grant winners within two weeks from that date.

Read the general information and grant guidelines before you fill out the grant application.

Note that there are TWO application types:

If you have any questions, please contact us.